Sensei Fusaro awarded 8th Dan by the ITKF

The AAKF community celebrates the awarding of 8th Dan by the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF) to Sensei Robert Fusaro on October 18, 2010.  This honor is bestowed on Mr. Fusaro by the ITKF “for his steadfast contribution to the art of Traditional Karate and, in particular, to his outstanding dedication to the fundamental principles of the ITKF as envisioned by the late Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama”, the founding President of AAKF and ITKF.  Both the ITKF Technical Committee and the ITKF Board of Directors were unanimous in their support for Sensei Fusaro.

Sensei Fusaro currently serves as Senior Counsel of the AAKF Technical Committee, and Senior Advisor of the AAKF Executive Board of Directors.  Mr. Fusaro began his karate study at the Japan Karate Association (JKA) headquarters in 1955, not realizing at that time that it was to become a lifelong passion.  He had the distinct honor of participating in the first JKA tournament held in 1957, where he and seven other non-Japanese students demonstrated semi-free sparring.  Mr. Fusaro received his shodan in 1959 from Master Masatoshi Nakayama.  When Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama arrived in Los Angeles in 1961, Mr. Fusaro continued his karate journey with Sensei Nishiyama and remained his longest training student. His dojo, Midwest Karate of Minneapolis located near downtown Minneapolis, has produced hundreds of black belts and recently celebrated its 52nd anniversary.

Sensei Fusaro’s lifelong dedication to the practice of Nishiyama karate is an inspiration for all of us.  Toru Shimoji, President of AAKF, extends his personal congratulations, and remarks, “Nishiyama Sensei is looking down from heaven and is so proud of Sensei Fusaro; not just for being recognized as Hachidan, but for the person and leader that Sensei Fusaro is for AAKF.”

Please join us in extending our congratulations to Sensei Fusaro on this auspicious occasion.