Friday, April 22, 2011

50th National Karate Championships needs your help!

American Amateur Karate Federation

National Traditional Karate Governing Body of the United States

50 Year National Championship Tournament

Anniversary Committee  

Greetings Club Leaders,

       In 1959, Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama settled in the United States and established a foundation of traditional Shotokan karate from Japan. He was the official representative from the Japanese Karate Association. From these roots the AAKF was established in 1961 and 2011 will mark the 50th anniversary of this organization.

      During this half century the AAKF, and its international arm the ITKF, have flourished. Thousands of karate enthusiasts across the country have trained under the leadership of Nishiyama. Many of you have helped in this endeavor. It is to this significant legacy that the South Atlantic Region of the AAKF will organize the 50 Year Anniversary Championship Tournament.

       You are receiving this letter because you are a recognized participant in the martial arts community. Therefore, I would ask your support in the celebration of a dedicated life that has represented Shotokan karate internationally.

      The organizing committee for the SAR wants this to be a special event. And a primary part of the event is the publishing of an official AAKF 50th Anniversary Commemorative Program. This will be a large collectable magazine highlighting AAKF history. Photos from 50 years of Shotokan karate and a list of past AAKF competition winners will make this a special publication.

       Dojo advertisements make up the majority of the commercial spaces in past AAKF Tournament Programs. We need your help to commit to purchase ad space. Advertisements will begin at a 1/4 page space and go up to full page copy. Please consider making a contribution to a successful 50 Year National Anniversary Celebration. There are 20 pages of available space to fill. Help AAKF/SAR make this dream come true.

There is only one chance to celebrate a 50th Anniversary! The Anniversary Committee of the South Atlantic Region hopes you can support the celebration.

With warm regards,

Phil Smith

Commercial Chair of AAKF / SAR Anniversary Tournament Committee